PORTAFLOOR has partnered with the world’s leading modular structure and pre-engineered building manufacturers to provide portable flooring solutions that meet multiple use opportunities.


PORTAFLOOR portable flooring products are strong and environmentally friendly, and their quick installation and removal times create a cost effective solution for any modular structure. From providing a solid floor for a special event tent to installing portable flooring for a modular maintenance or storage facility, PORTAFLOOR portable flooring products can meet all of your modular structure flooring needs.

PORTAFLOOR’s modular and rollable designs allow for easy installation without tools or heavy equipment, and the modular flooring product’s flexible nature allows for easy configuration and reconfiguration for rapid modular structure installation.

PORTAFLOOR portable flooring products are made in the USA and manufactured in a Zero Waste, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facility.


Key facts about PORTAFLOOR flooring:

  • Creates a firm, flat and stable temporary flooring system
  • Rapid installation and removal
  • Light and lean design allows for easy assembly without heavy equipment
  • Installs over a flat, firm surface
  • Portable flooring for modular structures.


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