MAX - Portable Access Flooring

PORTAFLOOR MAX provides strength and stability in tough applications in varying conditions. Manufactured with recycled polypropylene content, MAX modular panel flooring is the best solution for your job sites. Max is designed to contour over most surfaces and to be easily installed by hand or machine.


MAX heavy duty mats support over 80,000 lbs. per sqft. (390,594 kgf/m2) and weighs just 3 lbs. per sqft. (1.59 kg), allowing workers to assemble MAX heavy duty panels into industrial flooring, shelter flooring and walkways, and  maintenance pads, without any heavy equipment.

MAX’s modular puzzle piece design makes it perfect for rapid installation. On a flat, firm surface, a crew of four can install over 3,000 sq. ft. (278 m2) in 1 hour. Its heavy duty mat design also allows it to be easily removed, palletized and shipped to your next site location. In fact, over 8,300 sq. ft. (771 m2) can be shipped in one 40 ft. HQ container.

Its slip-resistance surface and color options make it safe for all workers and job sites.


heavy duty mats

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