The PORTAFLOOR brand was acquired by Connor Sport Court International in 1998. Connor Sport Court quickly engaged its team of engineers in research and development for product innovation; their focus on quality and design resulted in the full line of portable temporary flooring products you see today.

Although the concept of PORTAFLOOR came out of a complimentary need from the sports industry for stadium field covers and arena floor covers, our team soon realized that the need for heavy-duty, light-weight portable flooring was much larger than the sports industry. Driven by the United States Air Force request for a light weight, heavy duty and environmentally friendly surface solution, PORTAFLOOR developed products to support our Military and other Militaries around the world with forward operating base flooring, structure flooring, helipads, and temporary roads and other expeditionary needs. With the worldwide boom in the Oil & Gas Industry, PORTAFLOOR was quickly recognized for the same benefits that attracted the US Military. This time, the innovation came in the form of heavy duty, light weight access and rig matting for this growing industry. PORTAFLOOR MAX which started as a concrete replacement product has quickly emerged as a cost effective solution that reduces logistics and installation costs. The current PORTAFLOOR product line has a full-suite of expeditionary flooring for Military, Oil & Gas, Mining industries…while still supporting our roots…the sports industry.