PORTAFLOOR MAX Matting is the best rig matting and access matting choice for the oil & gas industry. MAX Matting is the heavy duty, zero environmental impact rig matting product that’s reusable design creates an unrivaled value for the oil and gas industry. Contact us to find out how MAX Matting provides year round access.



From installation as a temporary road to decking a drill site with oil field mats, from creating a low-dust helipad to creating a truck staging area with heavy equipment mats, MAX Matting can meet your rig matting and access matting needs.

MAX’s light and lean puzzle piece design allows for fast assembly and removal without heavy equipment. Its rugged structuring makes it a perfect solution for portable roadways, temporary roads, oil field mats, rig mats, access mats, working platforms, and other oil and gas access applications.


Key facts about PORTAFLOOR products:

  • When combined with PortaGuard environmental barrier, MAX Matting minimizes your environmental cleanup burden.
  • Slip-resistant matting that’s available in custom MAXSafety colors
  • Unlike wood matting, MAX Matting is pest and chemical resistant.
  • Creates minimal surface disruption, allowing customers to quickly return the ground to its original state fast. Reducing remediation costs.   
  • Light and lean designs allow for easy assembly without heavy equipment
  • Designed to contour over most surfaces.
  • Rig Mats for oil & gas surface applications.


PORTAFLOOR products are made in the USA and manufactured in a Zero Waste, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facility.

Call 800-700-2526 to learn how MAX can improve your oil and gas drill site today.