Q:    How quickly can MAX be installed?
A:    Over 1,000 sq. ft. can be installed in just 10 minutes.

Q:    Can MAX really support over 80,000 psf?

A:    YES, MAX has been lab and field tested to verify its ability to support over 80,000 psf.

Q:    Do you need any special tools or heavy equipment to install MAX?
A:    MAX’s unique puzzle piece design allows it to be quickly laid into place and the special fastener can be easily snapped in using your hand or foot.

Q:    Is MAX easily reconfigured once it is installed?
A:    Yes, it can easily be picked up, moved and reinstalled.

Q:    Is MAX slippery when wet?

A:    MAX is specially molded with a traction pattern that increases traction for workers and vehicles.

Q:    Are PORTAFLOOR products termite proof?

A:    Yes, our products are made of polypropylene and polypropylene is termite proof.

Q:    Are there quick ship quantities available for shipment?
A:    Yes, PORTAFLOOR keeps a high level of MAX inventory in stock and ready to ship.

Q:    How does MAX do on Sand?
A:    It was designed for installation on multiple surfaces including sand.

Q:    Is PORTAGUARD only used with MAX?

A:    No, it is an environmental barrier approved by the US Army Corp. of Engineers. It can be used under any PORTAFLOOR products or by itself as needed.

Q:    Are PORTAFLOOR products resistant to Jet Fuel (jP-8) and other chemicals?

A:    Yes, it passes astm tests D543-06 & D1308.

Q:    How does PORTAFLOOR MAX handle slag drop?
A:    Sparks will BB and roll off, but larger slag will damage MAX. We recommend using a fiberglass welding matt to protect the surface.

Q:    What is the best way to remove snow from PORTAFLOOR products?

A:    Snow removal brushes are recommended.

Q:    Are PRO and MAX approved for use in mess halls or kitchen areas?
A:    Polypropylene is a no-porous, non-reactive material suitable for food preparation areas, if FDA approved materials are required they may be rolled over MAX.