Heavy-duty MAX Mats are engineered to contour over the ground surface and provide a contiguous surface that delivers the optimal combination of strength and flexibility. MAX Mats reduce logistics and are best used for heavy haul roadways, helipads and your drilling rig mats, access matting, construction matting and other matting needs.


MAX Mats are lightweight, custom molded with a textured traction patter that increases tire grab and creates an anti-slip work surface. After consulting with safety engineers, MAX color options were created to improve job site safety. From MAX Cold for added strength in subzero temperature to MAXSafety for enhanced visibility, MAX Mats are created for your needs.


MAX is engineered to support over 80,000 lbs. per sq. ft. and each 6’ x 7.5’ MAX Mat weighs less than 175 lbs., allowing for quick drilling rig matting installation.  On a flat, firm surface, a crew of four can install over 4,000 sq. ft. in an hour. MAX may be easily removed, cleaned, palletized and shipped to your next site location. In fact, over 13,000 sq. ft. can be shipped on a 48’ flatbed truck.


MAX Mats are designed for easy removal, ultimately minimizing your environmental cleanup burden. If a spill happens, unlock the panel in the spill area, lift out the lightweight Max Mat, remedy the affected area, clean the MAX Mat, re-install the MAX Mat and move on. When combined with our PortaGuard environmental barriers; max reduces the need for environmental remediation.

See MAX Mats in Action